All About Weather in Turkey

Weather in Turkey is a new site dedicated to Turkish weather. In the sidebar to your right you will find the current forecast for weather in Turkey, and in our blog we will be posting about weather in Turkey, if or how the climate is changing, and anything you could ever want to know about the weather in Turkey.

Turkey is famed for its warm weather, but it has different climes in different areas. In the coastal areas the winters are mild and the summer warm, whereas inland the summer is hot and the winter extremely cold, with heavy snow found in the mountainous regions. In Antalya, home to some of Turkey’s finest summer resorts, and one of its finest ski resorts as well, you can ski in the morning and swim in the Mediterranean sea in the afternoon.

The world is currently changing, and there are frequent reports of how climate change is affecting weather around the world. Here is the place to find out if and/or how climate change is affecting the weather in Turkey.

As Turkish tourism grows, more and more people are looking to find out about Turkish weather. The same can be said of the growing numbers of people looking to buy property in Turkey. Of course anyone considering skiing in Turkey will also want to know about the weather, to make sure enough snow has fallen.

This is the place for all those people. We hope you will come back and help us to grow the site into a vast resource on Turkish weather.