Weather in Turkey: The Country Has it All

When it comes to weather in Turkey, the country really has it all, skiing of the highest order in Winter and some of the longest, warmest summers to be found in a short-haul radius of the UK. If you want to go for a holiday to Turkey, you can pretty much find an area with the climate to suit you, as well as pretty much everything else to your liking.

Turkey spans three continents and has three coastlines. You have the Black Sea Coast to the north, which is predominantly humid, not as hot as the Mediterranean coast, but water warm enough to swim in and balmy nights perfect for moonlight walks along the beach. Of course, the Turkish cultural center is onto the Black Sea, a reason for the popularity of Istanbul as a tourist destination.

Then you have the Mediterranean to coast spanning south east to south and offering the typical climate you’d expect to find on the Med; put simply: long hot summers and mild winters. In Turkey, as with other places on the med, the season is longer on the Med than elsewhere.

And last but by no means least the Aegean Coast from the south to south west, which offers the perfect climate for us Brits. Not too hot, not too sticky but a lot warmer than the UK, and more importantly warm enough to sunbathe on the beach or swim in the sea. The Aegean region is also famous for offering some of the highest levels of value for money in its property sector.

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