Varied weather condition of the diversified Istanbul

Istanbul, one of the most popular places in the entire country, is a year-round destination. The place boasts of moderate climate, which is segregated into four distinct seasons, namely summer, spring, autumn and winter. The annual average temperature in Istanbul varies from 4° Celsius to 27° Celsius.


One can even experience different sub-climates in Istanbul itself, owing to its topographic diversities. If the Mediterranean climate is prevalent in the areas surrounding the Bosphorus Strait, then towards the north, one will encounter wet Black Sea climate. The east and the west respectively have Anatolian Continental and Balkan climate. Not only can one encounter varied climatic conditions in different parts of the city, but also witness different climates in one single day. It may be snowing in one part, while the other area in the city may be soaked in sun.


However, taking into consideration the entire city, the summer season, between the months of June and September, is quite hot, with the average temperature in Istanbul recorded more than 40° Celsius. Owing to the rapid winds, the climate is quite humid, which can be uncomfortable at times. The rainfall during this season is minimal. The summer season is followed by the autumn season, which extends from September to October. The days are generally overcast, with people encountered by surprises as the weather in Istanbul is not that consistent and reliable.


The end of the autumn season in Istanbul marks the beginning of the cold and chilly winters, with the temperature dropping below zero on many occasions. Moreover, chill winds and snow is not uncommon during this time of the year. Istanbul experiences spring months, between April and May, which is pleasant and perfect for an outing with loved ones.


July and August are the hottest months, with the temperature recorded around 28° Celsius. In contrast, the coldest month is February, with average temperature of around 2° Celsius. The average annual precipitation in Istanbul is around 439 mm and monthly average is around 37 mm. December receives highest rainfall, whereas August is the driest among all the months.


For quick glance, the temperature in Istanbul throughout the year is:


Month                        Avg Min Temp (°C)            Avg Max Temp (°C)


January                     3                                              8

February                    2                                              9

March                         3                                              11

April                            7                                              16

May                             12                                            21

June                           16                                            25

July                             18                                            28

August                       19                                            28

September                 16                                            24

October                      13                                            20

November                  9                                              15

December                  5                                              11


Today’s temperature, along with that of the coming three days:


Day                             Avg Min Temp (°C)             Avg Max Temp (°C)


Friday                                     8                                              12

Saturday                                12                                            14

Sunday                                  7                                              13

Monday                                  10                                            11


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