Information on Weather in Turkey

Owing to the vast area and irregular topography, the weather in Turkey is quite diverse. Different Turkish regions encounter varied climatic conditions in different seasons, mainly comprising of summers to winters. One can enjoy a pleasant Mediterranean climate in the coastal region of Aegean and Mediterranean region, with warm summer months, which extend from May through October. This region receives minimal and at times no rainfall. The climate of Turkey, here, in winter months is mild and rainy, minus the snowfall.


The city of Istanbul, lying in the Marmara region, witnesses a slightly different climate, which is a mix of oceanic and semi-Mediterranean climate of Turkey. Though the summer months are as warm as those of the Aegean and Mediterranean coastal areas, the precipitation rate is a little higher. Besides, one can experience cold and snowy winters in Istanbul. The water temperature of the Sea of Marmara is colder than the Aegean and Mediterranean Sea during the winter months.


Towards the Black Sea region, across the cities of Samsun and Trabzon, one can enjoy complete oceanic climate with greatest amount of precipitation. These cities experience warm and humid summers, whereas the winter months are cool and damp. With little snowfall in the coastal part and mountain side, the Black Sea coast boasts of much cooler temperature than the Sea of Marmara.


En route to Central Anatolia, one can witness a combination of continental and steppe weather in Turkey. This region, including the city of Ankara, witnesses high humidity, with hotter summers and colder winters. The area of Erzurum and Kars, making up the eastern region, are the only cities which encounter cooler summers with moderate precipitation. Near the Syrian border, south of the country, one can experience desert-like climate with hot sweltering summers and no rainfall. However, the cold and snowy winter months of this region are a relief from the unpleasant hot summers.


For a quick glance, the average temperature in Turkey across different regions throughout the year is (in degree Celsius):


Locations/Months Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Antalya 10 11 13 16 20 25 28 28 25 20 15 12
Izmir 9 10 11 16 20 25 28 27 23 18 15 10
Istanbul 5 6 7 12 16 21 23 23 20 16 12 8
Trabzon 6 6 7 11 15 20 22 22 19 15 12 9
Ankara 0 1 5 11 16 20 23 23 18 13 8 2
Diyarbakir 2 2 8 14 19 26 31 31 25 17 10 4
Erzurum -9 -7 -3 5 11 15 19 20 15 9 2 -5



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