Weather Forecast Turkey

Weather Forecast Turkey


Located at the intersection of the two continents Europe and Asia, the Eurasian country of Turkey extends more than 1,600 kilometres (1000 miles) from west to east. The western part of this Eurasian country, the Turkish Thrace, west of the Bosporus, is located in Europe. The climate of Turkey in this region is greatly influenced by the bordering countries of Greece and Bulgaria. The rest of the country, comprising of the Anatolia region, is geographically in Asia, with high plateau. Sharing its borders with Georgia, Armenia and Iran, the eastern Anatolia region is mountainous and experiences harsh continental climate with long winters.


The northern (Black Sea) and southern Anatolia region is enveloped by Pontic ranges and the Taurus & Anti-Taurus ranges, respectively. There are, therefore, significant differences in weather within Turkey. Ankara, the capital of the country and the second largest city after Istanbul, experiences continental climate similar to that of Eastern Europe and Central Asia. On the other hand, the eastern side of the country, lying in close proximity to high mountain ranges, witness harsh climate with very cold winters.


The Eastern Anatolia region, Erzurum, encounters long winters with snow blanketing the ground between November and March. Temperature in Turkey across the eastern region during these months ranges between 0° Celsius and -12° Celsius. In comparison to the eastern region, temperate of Turkey across the Ankara region is less extreme during winters, with an average temperature around 0° Celsius during the day and around -5° Celsius during the night. Summers in Ankara are hot and dry and last from June through September, with around 26° Celsius to 30° Celsius temperature recorded during the day, which drops to 12° Celsius at night. Climate in Turkey across Erzurum is wet, warm and humid during summers, with an average temperature of 20° Celsius to 26° Celsius.


Precipitation in Ankara is low, but can be observed throughout the year. The months of April, May and December receive an average rainfall of 50 mm. July and August are pleasant months, with few days of rainfall. Erzurum, on the other hand, witnesses heavy precipitation with an average of 75-80 mm in the months of April and May. It is only in winter months, December and January that the precipitation is low in this region as compared to Ankara.


A quick glance at the temperature in the capital city Ankara:


Month             Avg Min Temp (°C) Avg Max Temp (°C)


January                       -3                                             4

February                      -3                                             6

March                          1                                             12

April                             5                                             17

May                              9                                             21

June                            12                                            26

July                              15                                            29

August                         15                                            29

September                  11                                            26

October                       7                                             19

November                   2                                             13

December                   -1                                             6


On the other hand, the annual variation in temperature in Erzurum:


Month             Avg Min Temp (°C) Avg Max Temp (°C)


January                       -12                                           -4

February                      -11                                           -2

March                          -6                                             2

April                              1                                             11

May                              4                                             16

June                            8                                             21

July                              12                                            26

August                         11                                            26

September                  7                                             22

October                       2                                             14

November                   -3                                             6

December                   -8                                             -1


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