Temperature in Turkey

Temperature in Turkey


Turkey is a large country located in the Mediterranean location, featuring temperate climatic conditions. The diverse geographical formations, sea on three sides and proximity to mountains have led to significant variations in climate of Turkey, from one region to another. Turkey features seven different climatic regions owing to its diverse geographic location.


The countryside of Marmara around the areas of Istanbul, Edirne and Sea of Marmara experience temperature ranging from a low of -16° Celsius during winters to a maximum of 400 Celsius during summer months. It is due to the influence of sea that the temperature in Turkey across this coastal region is Mediterranean. On the other hand, the inland region of the country is enveloped by the Northern Anatolian Mountains and the Taurus Mountain Range, which gives it a continental climate. Centred across the city of Izmir is the Aegean region with low hills and higher mountains framing fertile valleys. Temperature in Turkey across this region ranges from -8O Celsius during winters to 43O Celsius during summers.


Southern shore of Turkey is hemmed by high mountain ranges. Towards the east of Alanya the mountains extend up to the sea, all the way east to Antakya, making this coastal region very hot and humid during summers. Average temperature across this region accounts to be 45O Celsius during summers. During winter months, temperature in Turkey across this region falls below -5O Celsius. The Central Anatolian region, encompassing the city of Cappadocia, is a high plateau area which boasts of semi-arid continental climate. Summers in this region are hot and dry with temperature rising up to 40O Celsius, whereas the winter months are very cold and snowy, with mean temperature recorded below -25O Celsius.


The climate of Turkey across the Black Sea region is wet, warm and humid. It remains cloudy most of the time, with temperature ranging from 23O Celsius during summers and 5O Celsius during winters. The summer in this region is cooler than the Mediterranean region. The winter is colder than southeastern Turkey, with rugged mountains experiencing temperatures as low as -32O Celsius during winters. However, the temperature in Turkey region rises to 38O Celsius during summer season, though it lasts for just a few months. Southeastern Anatolia, nearby Syria, is the hottest region of Turkey. In this region, the summer temperature can rise up to 46O Celsius and drop to 12O Celsius during winter months. Thus, the seven regions of Turkey have varied climatic conditions prevailing during different times of the year.

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