Turkey Weather at a Glance

Turkey Weather at a Glance


Turkey, officially known as the Republic of Turkey, is a transcontinental country which experiences temperate weather conditions owing to its geographical location. Although the strategic location of this Eurasian country boasts of temperate climatic conditions, the irregular topography results in significant differences in climatic conditions between one region and another. Therefore, it is not easy to generalise the overall climate of Turkey. Nonetheless, the annual average temperature in Turkey ranges from 10o Celsius to 28o Celsius


One can experience distinct climatic conditions in the seven different regions of Turkey, namely, Marmara, Blacksea Coast, Eastern Anatolian, South-eastern Anatolia, Central Anatolia, Mediterranean and Aegean. Each of these regions has a different climate, which is affected by its diverse landscape, mountain ranges and surrounding seas and oceans.


The city of Istanbul and surrounding areas of Marmara region, experiences a moderate climate with an average temperature of 4O Celsius in winters and 27O Celsius in summers. The Aegean region along with the areas of Western Anatolia boasts of a mild Mediterranean climate with an average winter temperature of 9O Celsius and summer temperature of 29O Celsius. Similar climatic conditions are prevalent in the Mediterranean region of southern coast of Anatolia.


Not only can one experience different climatic conditions in different Turkish regions, but also experience difference in weather in one single day. Climate of Turkey in Central Anatolian region changes significantly between day and night. The average temperature in Turkey for this region ranges from 23O Celsius in summers to -2O Celsius in winters.


Towards the Black Sea area, one can witness the wet, warm and humid climate of Turkey with an average temperature of 23O Celsius in summers and 7O Celsius in winters. Travelling towards the Eastern Anatolia, one can encounter long harsh winters, covered with snow from end of November till the mid of April. The average temperature in Turkey across this region is -13O Celsius in winters and 17O Celsius in summers. The climate of Turkey across the southeast Anatolian area is very inconsistent. One can encounter sudden hot and cold spells in both the seasons of summer and spring.


On the whole, climate in Turkey across the Marmara, Aegean and Mediterranean region is typically Mediterranean, wherein one experiences hot summers and mild, wet winters. The east of Turkey is mountainous, experiencing warm summers and very cold, snowy winters. The central Turkey, which is located in the interiors, witnesses limited rainfall but extreme chilly winters. Thus, one can see the variance in climate of Turkey as one travels from east to west as well as north to south.


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