Turkey Weather forecast

Turkey Weather Forecast


Like many Mediterranean countries, weather in Turkey differs significantly from one region to another. Most of the Turkish regions fall within the subtropical climate zone, with the exception of the Anatolian region, which occupies much of the territory of Turkey. The Anatolian region is rimmed by hills and mountains has mountainous climate in Turkey. The northern region of Turkey witnesses weather similar to the European countries, whereas weather of the southern part is warmer and similar to Middle East.


Ankara, the capital city, is centrally located on the high Anatolian Plains; therefore, the weather here accounts for extremes. The winter weather of Turkey across this region can drop down to -5° Celsius, whereas sunny summer months experience temperature as high as over 30°Celsius. Spring and autumn are the favourable seasons, which feature pleasant climatic conditions with temperature around 20° Celsius. In comparison to other Turkish regions, this area of Anatolia is drier with an average monthly rainfall limited to a maximum of 40 mm during the spring months. One can encounter fluctuating humidity levels, which range from 30% during the summers to approximately 60% during the winter months.


Istanbul city is situated on the northeastern side of Turkey, bordering Greece. The weather of Turkey across this region is temperate with subtle climatic changes. Temperature in this Turkish city rarely drops below 0° Celsius in winters, whereas summers are hot and sunny, with average temperature recorded around 30° Celsius. Istanbul witnesses highest rainfall in winter months, especially January. The average monthly rainfall reaches 100mm in winters, which drops down to 30-40 mm during the summer months, extending from June to September. Humidity level fluctuates inconsistently from about 30% in summers to 60% in winter months.


Weather of Turkey across the eastern side, in cities like Izmir, is somewhat similar to Istanbul, with lengthy, sunny summer months and mild, winter weather. Southern part of Turkey enjoys a Mediterranean climate with mild winters. The summer temperature of Turkey across cities like Antalya is similar to that of Izmir, experiencing high temperature, more than 30° Celsius. Spring and autumn months are rated as the pleasant seasons for Turkey holidays in the southern region. The summer months of southern Turkey experience almost no rainfall; however, during winters heavy showers can be seen with an average monthly rainfall reaching up to 240 mm.


Climate of Turkey in southeastern part remains hot during summer months, crossing over 40° Celsius. The temperature drastically decreases during the winter season and can go below 0° Celsius. This region of Turkey experiences dry summers with practically no rainfall; however, one can encounter little bit of rainfall, about 80mm, during the winter months.


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